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Sydney Motor Glider Flight Group carefully manages risks by providing you with only qualified and experienced instructors. You and any accompanying visitors will be carefully supervised while you are present on the flight strip. You will receive a full briefing on the pertinent aspects of the handling and operation of our aircraft as well as on safety.

It would be difficult to find such a highly experienced group of motor glider pilots in a single group anywhere else in Australia. Sydney Motor Glider Flight Group’s instructors have been safely introducing the joy of flight and in particular the exhilaration of glider flight to newcomers for decades.

For their own personal pleasure and challenge they have all flown gliders and motor gliders throughout Australia including to many remote locations. Our Dimona regularly flies to The Gulf of Carpentaria from Camden (See Rob’s biography below) and it has flown to every Australian State. We have flown it from Camden to Darwin and back twice via Western Australia!.

Colin is an aircraft maintenance engineer with Jetstar. He began gliding while serving in the British Army on tour in Cypress in 1970. He has flown and instructed on gliders in the UK, the USA, Germany and Australia and in his spare time he relaxes by introducing others to gliding and by carrying out maintenance requirements on gliders. Like the annual re-registration requirements for vehicles, gliders undergo an annual inspection only to a much more stringent level. Only suitable qualified engineers such as Colin are permitted to carry out such work.

Laurie  first started gliding in 1976. He soon found the thrill and the challenge offered by the sport all consuming and during the ensuing years progressed through cross country and competition flying, instructor and instructor training and examination accreditation to all levels, gained his Private Pilot’s Licence and later oversaw the safe management of gliding operations in NSW for the Gliding Federation of Australia for several years..

Rob is a pioneer in a highly specialised form of gliding. He and his partner were the first glider pilots to explore and soar what has become an internationally renowned meteorological phenomenon…The Morning Glory of the Gulf of Carpentaria region. You will be fascinated by his website. Rob flies to The Gulf annually and often in the company of scientists as a consultant for their investigations into ‘The Glory’. Rob is also a highly experienced gliding engineer and is recognised as an authority on the H36 Dimona. See

David is a professional photographer and award-winning author, photographer and travel writer. When he is not leading Antarctic expeditions during the Summer months (as he’s done more than 100 times) he manages to find time for gliding. He has been gliding since 1980 and was part of the team flying out of Jindabyne that set an Australian height-gain record – his single-seater Hornet was the marker aircraft at 29,500 feet. He subsequently wrote and photographed the article that appeared in “Australian Geographic” about the joys of flying atmospheric wave and, indeed, lenticular clouds seem to be a theme on his iTravelTree Facebook page.

Glen, like most of us with aviation in their blood, was fascinated by all things flying from an early age. Glider pilots are permitted to go solo at fifteen years of age and he wasted no time, soloing on his 15th Birthday. Glen put several years of gliding experience to good use by becoming a commercial pilot. He now flies passenger jets with a major Australian airline and goes gliding for relaxation and pleasure. For anyone contemplating an aviation career for themselves or for someone they may know, he is the man to talk to.

“Flying for me was an amazing experience. I didn’t know what to expect although it was much easier than I thought it would be.”  Danielle 14