Weather Map & Radar

“I definitely thought that I would be slightly nervous in the air. However, it was the opposite and I felt very comfortable. I was amazed at how the glider responded to just the slightest touch of the controls. I was also very surprised how you could really feel the glider accelerating or decelerating when you either pointed the nose up or down.” Amanda 18

Click HERE for Camden weather webcams.

Camden aviation weather forecast:

TAF AMD YSCN 082035Z 0820/0912 VRB03KT CAVOK FM090400 04005KT 9999 FEW040 FM090800 VRB03KT CAVOK PROB30 0820/0822 2000 BR SCT002 RMK T 03 09 16 17 Q 1030 1031 1029 1027

SPECI YSCN 082200Z AUTO 00000KT 8000 // SCT001 04/04 Q1031 RMK RF00.0/000.0

There is an automatic weather station at Camden Airport. You can call (02) 9353 6407 to get a AWS computerised voice summary of the weather.
Also the Bureau of Meteorology has a weather radar here and the Graphical Area Forecast here