Aircraft & Operational Info

We operate a fibreglass two seat H36 Hoffman Dimona Motor Glider. Documents relating to this aircraft are:

Dimona H36 Flight Manual (Microsoft word format.)

Dimona H36 Maintenance and Service Manual (Microsoft word format.)

Dimona H36 Motor Glider 3000 hour inspection schedule. (PDF file)


Operational and Training Documents

The following is the syllabus outline for the GFA Glider Pilot Certificate, an internationally recognised accreditation.  Your introductory flight will cover several of the first areas listed and ongoing training will cover all of these aspects although not necessarily in this order.

1. Lookout Awareness   2. Ground Handling   3. Orientation,  Sailplane Stability   4. Pre-       take off checks   5. Primary Effects, Further Effects of Bank   6. Aileron Drag, Rudder Coordination   7. Sustained Turns, All Controls   8. Look out procedures   9. Straight Flight, various speeds, Trim   10. Pre Landing Checks   11. Slow Flight, Stalling   12. Launch and Release   13. Radio and FLARM use   14. Take off   15. Circuit Joining and Planning       16. Thermal Entry   17. Thermal Joining techniques   18. Soaring with other gliders         19. Approach and Landing   20. Spinning   21. Cross Wind takeoff and landing   22. Launch Emergencies   23. Flying with other gliders and aircraft   24. Rules of the Air                    25. First Solo   26. Side Slipping   27. Steep turns   28. Thermal sources and selection   29. Outlanding   30. Flight preparation   31. Soaring instruments and flight computers     32. Meteorology and flight planning   33. Navigation and Airspace   34. Cruising, speed to fly and heightbands   35. Demonstrated Cross Country capability   36. C Certificate        37. Daily Inspector Certificate   38. Independent Operator Level 1   39. Glider pilot Certificate.

Gliding Federation of Australia (GFA) Manual of Standard procedures (MOSP) – April 2012

Early post solo gliding achievements are known as the ‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘C’ Certificates. Their respective requirements and privileges can be found  in the above document, the GFA MOSP,  on Pages 20 and 21.

Gliding Federation of Australia (GFA) Operation Regulations 6th April 2012

Gliding Federation Membership Application

GFA Instructors Handbook